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Welcome to

Muggle Life

It keeps away the Nargles

What is this Muggle Life Shenanigans?

You know curiosity killed the cat right? Just kidding! We are a localy owned coffee shop as well as a small book store.

We are known for our small homey feel, as well as supporting our local artists and authors. Every Wedensday night we have our local artist show off their work and the authors read pieces of their books or poems. After that we have a vote and one will be nominated to be put up on our blog for the world to see.

We are a great place for locals and visiters to hang out, drink coffee, share the artisitc world and make connections. We would love to have you come check us out!

The Sorting Hat Has Spoken &
It says we belong with you

Have you ever wanted to show off your work or get a public friendly cratique while drinking delicious coffee!? Now is your chance!

If you are an artist or author and want the world or just our corner of the muggle world to see your work then just stop on by and get more infomation on how to sign up!

"For in Dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own, Let then swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud" -Albus Dumbledore